Best vehicles for towing boats

Towing your boat from one location to another can be very daunting, especially if you do not have the right car to do it.  It is a common practice for boat owners to take their boats along with them to holidays where water transportation is accessible. You may also need to conduct some comprehensive repair which cannot be done at the shore due to the inability to relocate workshop equipment. Towing the boat is therefore a process each owner is most likely to experience from time to time. It is important to choose the right car that can support your boat’s weight without any damages. You could hire a specialist motoring business to do the towing for you.

Considerations and Benefits
There are many good cars or trucks for towing boats, although you need to go over a few considerations before making the choice to buy any. Weight and mobility are the most important factors. Firstly, you should check the boat manual or consult dealer for accurate information on the total weight of the boat together with its trailer. Compare this combined weight with the defined capacity of the towing car. Generally, the combined weight should be below 80% of the car’s capacity as a safety precaution. Besides capacity, choose a car that is designed for boat towing. It should feature articulating mirrors, backup cameras, engine-cooling fluids, hill/slope controls and heavy-duty braking systems among related features. The advantage of buying a car designed for boat towing is that it will reduce the efforts needed in control and safety. The body style is another factor, although this depends on the owner’s lifestyle preferences. Larger boats will require pick-up tracks while smaller ones can be towed using extended mini-vans or SUVs, which are efficient fuel consumers and easier to drive. The wheel system is also important to consider. Two-wheel drives are lighter, less costly and easy to drive, although experienced boat towers will advise you to buy four-wheel drives due to their overall power. Four-wheel cars can be used to manoeuvre through bad weather conditions and rugged terrains. The car you should be able to power through with the boat load on.

Other factors include side mirrors, torque and horsepower. The side mirrors should be large and designed to provide a wide field of view which allows the driver to effortlessly see both the towing car and boat trailer. When choosing a towing car, it is necessary to focus on torque rather than horsepower. Torque is basically the low end power production that allows movement while horsepower allows swift speeds. However, diesel engines with high horsepower will produce higher torque. This results in stronger power that gets the car moving from a halt position.

Best models

Although there are several options available, some are simply better and more suited to that process than others. The best cars for towing boats generally include pickup trucks, mid-sized SUVs and other higher torque vehicles. Depending on the size of the boat, here are some examples of the best cars to use.
• Below 750 kg – Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008.
• Up to 1200 kg – Skoda Octavia and Nissan Qashqai
• Up to 1500 kg – Jaguar XF, Mazda CX-5 and Ford Kuga
• Bigger trailers – Range Rover Sports, Jeep Grand Cherokee, BMW X5

Boat towing cars are very important in transporting boats from one location to another. The most important factors to assess are weight and towing features. Other issues include fuel efficiency, ease of driving, durability and price. Be sure to also check your insurance cover for towing vehicles. Audi Belfast or any Audi Northern Ireland dealer offer some great vehicles suitable for towing. Be sure to check the Audi range for different options.

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